A spam filter is an application that prevents unwelcome emails from entering a particular mailbox. An enormous percentage of the email traffic around the globe involves spam emails: offers for pills or money, fraudulent bank notifications, etc. That’s why, it’s pretty important to set up filters in order to avoid not only unsolicited bulk email messages, but also any possibility of being conned in some way. Email filters detect different things, so as to guarantee higher levels of safety – certain words or the frequency with which they occur in the text, the sender’s address, or the IP of the sender’s SMTP email server. Hosting companies frequently make use of the services of 3rd-party spam-monitoring organizations that offer up-to-date databases in order to make email filtering better and easier without affecting authentic messages, even if they contain suspicious words.

Spam Filters in Cloud Web Hosting

If you reach the decision to host your domains with us and you select any of our cloud web hosting, you will be able to activate spam filtering for any email address that you create. With a few mouse clicks in the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you can configure 5 different levels of protection. In case you still receive spam emails or the spam filters start preventing authentic messages from reaching your mailbox, you can change the level just as easily. The quality of our spam detection solution is ensured by one of the most popular filters – SpamAssassin. In case you don’t want to risk missing an authentic email that may be blocked as spam due to its content, you can also create custom filters based on the sender, the subject or the body of the email message and redirect the emails to another email account where you can read them at a later time.

Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Servers

In case you reach the decision to make use of the email service that is offered with our Linux semi-dedicated servers, you can keep all unsolicited email messages out of your inbox by activating the five-level spam protection service that we provide with each package. This can be achieved via the fully featured Email Manager section of the hosting Control Panel and we employ the advanced SpamAssassin spam filter to make certain that we provide the best possible protection for our customers. You can have a different protection level for each mailbox and you can choose if the filtered emails should be deleted or delivered to some other mailbox where you can review them at a later time so as to make sure that you will not lose legitimate email messages. Switching to a different level or disabling the spam protection is also easy and takes several clicks.